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03:11pm 05/07/2006
  independence day was good, had some bbq and watched some illegal fireworks.

i go in on aug 23rd for day surgery, i have some abnormal cells on my cervix. i'm glad i'm having surgery i don't want to be awake while they scrape my cervix!
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10:53am 31/05/2006
  i'm just going to wrap up my shitty month here.
may 2nd: my brother-in-law throws a hissyfit, so while his girlfriend is at work we watch the kids. brother-in-law gets even more mad and demands the kids come home. luke asks if he thinks he's ok to watch to girls, brother-in-law goes psycho and tries to bust down our garage wall. (we live in adjoining duplexs so he was coning from his garage into ours). the girls are hiding behind the couch crying, i'm on the phone with the police and luke grabs his rifle (swedish mousier from about a hundred years ago). luke fires two rounds into the garage to try and scare him away. he kills the water heater with one shot. brother-in-law runs away. cops show up. after about an hour and a half outside, they aresst luke and catch and arrest brother-in-law. luke goes to jail for two nights! he is charged with unlawful firing of a weapon and pointing a firearm at someone (both class c felonies). he takes a deal and pleads guilty to menacing ( a misdeamenor). court appointed probation for 18 months, no guns, not allowed to contact brother, and do 80 hrs community service. brother-in-law's girlfriend goes back to him (because she's stupid) and treats us like we are the enemy (even though we were just doing what she asked). brother-in-law is being charged with criminal mischief II. everything starts to get back to normal when we get an eviction notice in the mail friday!!! we talked to our manager, told her our side of the story, and she said she'd call us today with her decision.
what a shitty month! we are being punished for protecting ourselves.
but whatever. that basterd will get whats coming to him.
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04:06pm 18/04/2006
  already into the third week of school. not so bad. my theories of personality class is pretty cool. i get to apply all the theories to my friends and family and analyze them. developmental psych is boring. i have a hard time staying awake in that class.

so many things i need to get done for school. i need to apply to be a psych major. i need to fill out my fafsa. i need to plan my next term. and talk to the humanities head person to set up my minor classes. one more year, just one more year!
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12:10pm 03/04/2006
  i'm a little frustrated....
my symptoms of ITP are coming back. i went and got a cbc done today. i should get a call from my doctor either today or tomarrow letting me know the results. my doctor said if my platelet count fell again he wants me to get the same treatment as last time (an antibody called Winrow). Last time i got the treatment i was sick for two days with flu-like symptoms! and it cost me $1300! (out of pocket!) So if i go do it again i will owe the clinic almost $3000! ugh. i'm so sick of this!
01:24pm 08/03/2006
  what a crazy weekend i had! I went out friday night with one of my co-workers and had a few drinks, didn't get home till after midnight. i went out saturday night with luke and some friends, but i didn't drink. we didn't get home till 5 am! i hadn't done that in awhile. and then sunday luke and i went and saw BON JOVI!!!! what an awesome concert! we had such a good time. great music, great performance. very cool! especially since it was lukes first concert!  
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02:50pm 02/03/2006
  well, only about 1 week left of classes then it's finals and then its spring break. i'm freakin out, man! i registered, but could only get into two classes! not many psych classes are being offered for spring and i still don't know what i want to major in, so i can;t take any minor classes! i'm really worried about next term. it's really scary not knowing what you want to do with your life. i have this feeling i'm not going to be ready to graduate next spring. damnit. i just want to get my life started!  
11:55am 20/02/2006
  exciting news in the world of amanda! I was in Todd Hall at WOU waiting for my research partner, so we could talk to oour professor, when a guy runs in to the building saying "I don't think the building is suppose to be smoking like that! I would get out of the building!" My partner had just walked in at that very moment, so we both went outside and sure enough, the side of the building was smoking. Another guy runs in and pulls the fire alarm and the building was evacuated. Sirens are heard from teh distance and soon police cars and fire trucks arrive. The funning thing was that when they showed up, the smoke stopped. BUt then it started again, only more blackish-gray this time. Then it stopped again. I haven't found out what the cause was, but i'm sure i will by tomorrow!  
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02:00pm 13/02/2006
  luke and i went and had his sister do our taxes on sunday. we were chatting about how much money kids can get you back on your taxes. it's pretty crazy! but luke and i aren't lacking because me being in school gets us a pretty good tax return, too. we get an extra $500! pretty sweet!

well, i'm off to class now...
01:53pm 06/02/2006
  i went out friday night and got drunk with tamara! that was fun, i haven't been drunk in a while. Jessica came with us but she doesn't ever drink when we go out. saturday i felt like crap, but still dragged my ass out of bed to meet my sis and nephew at the woodburn mall. then i went to winco with tamara and her two boys. what a nightmare! travis threw a huge tantrum at the check out counter. i call hanging out with tamara my "birth control". heh heh. sunday i worked all day. i couldn't beleive how slow it was at the mall! i guess because a northwest team was playing in the superbowl, more people were watching.  
07:51pm 17/01/2006
  my mind is turning to mush from staring at hotel websites. luke and i want to go to the coast this weekend and we had a great deal at a motel ( captain cook inn) because i had a 10% off coupon plus stay two nights get a third for free. but when i made reservations, the guy said it was an event weekedn so those were invalid. get this, the event? an INXS concert! what? give me a freakin break. anyway, now i can't decide on newport, lincoln city, or seaside.... i have to decide before tomarrow at 3pm. thats when i can no longer undo my reservation w/out paying.  
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07:55am 07/12/2005
  well, it's finals week and i am unprepared. i was totally stressing last night trying to finish all my studying. i didn't. thats why i am her at school at 7:30 in the morning finishing part of my take-home final. only part of it was take home, i still have the part of 50 multiple questions to deal with at 12:00 today. i can't wait to be done. afterwards i am going to get my hair cut! yay! no more frizzy ponytail!  
11:53am 28/11/2005
  my thanksgiving went really well. we had lots of good food!
i worked all weekend. 9.5 hrs on friday, 8.5 hrs on saturday and 9 hrs on sunday!
now i am battling a cold and it is snowing in monmouth!
12:57pm 16/11/2005
  i just registered for winter term and i'm taking 16 credits. 3 psychology classes and one gender studies class. i think if i like this class i will minor in gender studies. that would pair well with a psych major, right?  
12:56pm 09/11/2005
  i took a test in psych 201 today and i studied mt ass off. i made flash cards and went to the review. i really hope i do well on this test cause i got a c on the last one. i definitely need better study habits. i'm not doing so hot in some of my classes.  
11:55am 31/10/2005
  saturday night was luke's neices' birthday party. Allysa turned 7 and Sarah turned 4 the next day. Luke and I got the girls a Finding Nemo pinata from party city (or some place like that). We filled it with candy and toys and thought it would be so fun! When it came time to break it all the kids took turns according to age, with the birthday girls going first. Then they got to go a second time becaus it still hadn't broken open. Then kids who wanted to got to beat it up because it STILL hadn't broken open. Then Jessica's (the birthday girls' mom) 15 yr old brother took a few big swings at it and it STILL didn't break open! Finally, Chris )the b-day girls dad) busted it open and broken candy and broken toys came flying out. HAlf of everything was busted and broken. I was so sad ! :( BUt the kids really didn't seem to care and everyone had fun beating up poor nemo! The party was fun and the food was good (except for the cake, it was made with 2 pounds of skittles). The girls are getting do old! When i first met them, they were 4 and 1. Its amazing to see how they change!  
12:07pm 12/10/2005
  so i called the marriage license office and found out that yes i am legally married. thank goodness!
right now i'm in the process of looking for a car. my toyota is doing something very weird. my "break!" light and my "charge battery" light will come on sometimes. i turned on my lights today and after ten minutes of driving my cd player, cruise control, and clock stopped working. i turned my lights off and everything worked again! i need a new car! I'm looking at 1996-1998 volkswagen jettas (preferably automatic).
12:56pm 03/10/2005
  i just looked at my last entry and it was in may! wow. well the wedding was gorgeous and the last three months i've been living as mrs. luke lemmer. but i just found out i might not be legally married! my marriage license has no license number. i was talking to my boss and she said the priest is suppose to sign it, then send it back to the county office to have it filed. thats when they issue the license number to prove you are married. well, my priest just gave the license, after he signed it, to my dad! how crazy would it be to find out you really aren't married after 3 months! imagine 10 years!  
08:44am 20/05/2005
mood: tired
yesterday, angie spent the enire day with me at the hospital while a received a platelet transfusion. apparently when i had gotten sick with the flue a few weeks ago my body's antibodies not only started attacking the bad guys, but my platelets, as well (its called Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura: or ITP) platelets are the smallest blood cells in the body. i noticed a week after being sick that i started getting little red spots on the body (broken blood vessels called petechiae) and i was bruising easily. I went to the doctor and they took blood. a few days later they called and told me everything looked fine but my platelets were low (59,000 and normal is 150,000 to 450,000) so on thusday the 19th and went to a blood specialist and he took more blood and said my platelets were down to 2,000. They started me on steriods and i had to go to the hospital for a platelet transusion. it ended up being a very long day because the we went to the hospital at 11:30am and the platelets didn't arrive until 4:45pm. Angie and i were at the hospital until 7:30pm! it was very exhausing.

on top of that i have to go to work for two hours today. not what i wanted to do the day after receiving a transfusion.
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07:30am 22/03/2005
mood: quixotic
luke and i went and registered on sunday! we are registered at target and linen and things. i am so excited! i can't wait to get all my kitchen stuff so i can bake and cook properly! and i can't wait to get all my decorating stuff cause i can't wait to decorate my house! yay!

i have to call the managers some time this week cause our garage won't lock from the outside and the dishwasher leaks! poop.

i have a cold....

the new sears two hearts maternity line opens wednesday! come see me at sears every tuesday and friday!
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01:34pm 08/03/2005
mood: bouncy
went shopping with angie today, she picked up some maternity clothes. so now she actually looks pregnant! i love it. she also bought me a chair today. a trial chair to see if they will work with my dining table. i think my table is too tall, but we will see!

i picked a scene for my asl class. i'm going with the princess bride. it's just easier adn i don't have to borrow the dvd from my sister. i hope i do well!